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Meet Buster! Buster is being fostered as a part of Independent Animal Rescue ( in Durham, North Carolina. This wonderful little guy is a happy and goofy two-year-old... more


Updated posted by Amy Winecoff 16 months ago

Hi guys!

Just wanted to let all of you know that because of your help, Buster was able to get the surgery! He is now recovering with his new adoptive family and is getting lots of love. This little guy is now going to get the chance to run, jump and play for the rest of his life. We truly could not have done this without you. I have been so overwhelmed with gratitude and touched by everyone's willingness to contribute to Buster. It is difficult to even express how much your kindness has meant for Buster, but also to me. Attached is a picture of Buster recuperating post-surgery.

Thank you all so much!




Created by Amy Winecoff on November 8, 2012

Meet Buster! Buster is being fostered as a part of Independent Animal Rescue ( in Durham, North Carolina. This wonderful little guy is a happy and goofy two-year-old bull terrier mix. For almost a year now, Buster has been experiencing stiffness and pain when sitting and after walks. He is unable to jump, run, or play for any amount of time without experiencing significant pain later.Initially, a local vet told us that Buster likely had hip dysplasia, and there was little we could do other than manage his pain. To get a better idea of his problem, we recently took Buster to an orthopedic specialist vet. To all of our surprise, this vet told us that Buster’s hips are perfectly fine, but that at some point he suffered an ACL tear. This probably occurred when he was with his previous owner, who surrendered Buster to us. A really wonderful family is interested in adopting Buster and taking on the considerable burden of his recovery. The surgery, however, is estimated to cost around $2500. This surgery would mean that Buster could live a normal happy life, free of pain. Would you like to be Buster’s hero?


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Wow. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has donated so far. I'm amazed and heartened that so many would give so much in such a short time. My husband and I plan on adopting Buster, and will be forever grateful to everyone who has and will help out with his surgery costs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You all will make this happen!

posted by Anna Wade 17 months ago

We thought Tippy had an ACL tear at first-- here's a donation in her memory.

posted by Carrie Winecoff 17 months ago

Amy has been trying to find this dog a home for more than a year. Please help her get this surgery for Lester-Buster.

posted by Bonnie Winecoff 17 months ago

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Nick Eberlein

13 months ago


Hope to see the little guy running around Northgate soon



Michael Gaunce

16 months ago


Woot woot!



robin cubbon

17 months ago


thanks for adopting him!



David Seidman

17 months ago


Happy Thanksgiving, Buster!



Wendy & Steve Sorin

17 months ago


Good luck Buster & family!



Amanda Utevsky

17 months ago


Get better soon, B!



Thea Neal

17 months ago


We provided respite care for Buster, and he is a TERRIFIC dog. I love this lil cutie like he's my own. Get well soon, Bussa Bus!



Stacie Nagy

17 months ago


provided respite care for this sweetheart. Shared, and wishing him all the best. So glad he's got the chance at romping freely!



Joey Shevelson

17 months ago


Team Buster.



Rachel Faultersack

17 months ago


I feel warm and fuzzy


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