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Updated posted by Delores Gang 16 days ago

I've been meaning to post an update but have been so busy that once I get home all I want to do is take the dogs out and go to sleep for a few hours!
Angel was sent from St Ann's to Whetstone Gardens Care and Rehab Center where she spent one night and then was taken by ambulance to Riverside hospital (Friday afternoon) after having a seizure.
She has been running a fever on and off, has little to no appetite, and is now fighting to get the pain level back under control.
They finally got a bedside commode in her room so no more struggling with a bedpan!!!
Thank you Jordan for being there with her at the hospital until I could get there, you are so special and I am grateful for all you have done and continue to do. And, Rebecca, even with 3 jobs, your husband, and numerous animals, you still make time for Angel too! We are so blessed to have you in our lives :)
Big thanks to Stephanie and Brooke for coming to visit and also big thanks to Amanda, Erika, and Lisa for taking the time to stop by on your way up to Kent today, you raised my spirits by being here :)
Please, if you are able to donate to help us keep going, it would be very much appreciated. Any federal employees that are able to donate leave, I am on the leave donation list of approved recipients. Thank you to those who have donated in the past, this has helped tremendously.
If you would feel better sending gift cards, I shop at Giant Eagle, Meijer, or Kroger and get gas at Giant Eagle, Speedway, UDF, or BP. Gift cards for carry out meals would be awesome too but know that whatever you can donate in whatever form would be greatly appreciated.
Please keep Angel in your thoughts and prayers and know we appreciate that too and, if nothing else, please share this on your FB page if you can as we could use all the help that can be found.
Big hugs to all!
Delores and Angel


Updated posted by Delores Gang 27 days ago

As you may know, Angel was transported to St. Ann's Hospital yesterday in excrutiating pain from her left (good side) heel up her leg :( they have been doing tests and have ruled out a blood clot (HOORAY :) but are thinking she may be suffering (quite painful) from "Achilles Tendinitis". I'm waiting to hear results from the MRI of her leg to, hopefully, show no tendon damage (which could require surgery).
She is unable to stand and has the left leg elevated and she may very likely be confined to bed and need someone with her constantly for a while :(
It's not that surprising as she's had to overuse (for lack of a better word) her left side to compensate for the lack of use of the right side since late June/early July...
Hoping St. Ann's has an inpatient PT/OT rehab program that they can put her in until she's mobile again...
PLEASE, if you can afford to donate (no amount is too small) or even donate a Meijer or Giant Eagle gift card as Angel has expensive ($80 copayment) prescriptions (1 at each) along with not so pricey refills from Meijer we would be forever grateful.
The food bank, family, and friends have made sure we have basics but Angel always needs fruit and dog food (kibbles and bits, any variety) and treats would be greatly appreciated by Bernie, BowWow, and Brutus :)
Any help (and hope) you can provide will never be forgotten.
Big Hugs to all of you and please share on your FB page as, that alone, is a donation you can definitely afford


Updated posted by Delores Gang 1 month ago

Past due for an update...
The 5 day Ketamine infusion did help to bring Angel's tolerance down enough that the pain meds actually do help now!!!
She had an assessment done yesterday at Dodd Hall (OSU) for 2 different stroke rehab studies. Unfortunately, she's not yet at the level they need but since the studies will be ongoing they will check back and reassess at intervals. They will be passing her info to another Dr there doing a study she may be more at a level for...
Waiting on a cancellation to get her in to the Neurologist as she is still having seizures and the eyesight is pretty bad along with her short term memory.
This has been a long hard journey and all I can say is Thank You for all the support, we could not have made it this far without you :)
We still have quite a way to go yet and I'm unable to work more than part time yet with the appointments, Nurse visits, and not feeling comfortable leaving her for very long at a time alone...
If you are in a position to donate (in whatever form), please do, we still need you :)
If you feel compelled to share this on your FB page to help get the word out, please do as we would appreciate the additional exposure!
Thank you all
Big Hugs
Delores and Angel Gang

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Created by Delores Gang on November 8, 2012

I am Delores (on the right), Angel Sunshine's (on the left) mother and caretaker ("Momager" as she calls me).  Angel was diagnosed as having an AVM on her brainstem in September of 2011.  Due to the location and "eloquency" of this AVM it is inoperable.  Numerous angiograms have shown that embolization is not an option as they are unable to embolize the full AVM and to only get part could cause this to go off balance and rupture and bleed on her brain which could cause seizures, stroke, and even death.  She had stereotactical radiosurgery in March of this year and this caused hair loss and hot flashes and all the basic post-radiation symptoms.  I, as her caretaker, have had to put my job "'on hold" mainly sice her diagnosis and at this point am lucky to be able to put in 10 to 12 hours a week.  Needless to say, as a single mother, all our financial resources have been exhausted.  Friends and family have helped to the extent that they have been able but we are now a month behind on rent, overdrawn at the bank, less than $20 in cash on hand and electric, phone, and all household bills adding up daily.  I was able to get advanced annual and sick leave and am also on the "leave donor" program at work but all the leave that has been donated up to this time has been used.  My vehicle is on the repossesion list and now my car insurance has been discontinued as I was unable to make last month's payment.  I have pawned all the jewelry I had and will lose that to the pawn shop this coming weekend.  We have reached our catastrophic coverage limit on insurance so, thankfully, all medical bills and prescription medications will be covered in full through the end of this year.  Will I have the money for gas/transportation to get her back and forth to medical appointments etc?  That remains to be seen.  Her vision is extremely limited at this time due to the pressure on the occipital nerve, she blacks out multiple times daily and has even fallen down stairs multiple times due to this as she now has no advance warning feelings when a blackout is coming on.

Please, if you are in any position that you can help in any way, donate.  If, however, you are reading this and are unable to help financially, send positive energy, prayers, and good thoughts her way.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

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You are in our thoughts and prayers and will plan to see you within the next week. xoxo

posted by Nicole Smith 17 months ago

One more day of hyperbarics this week, off Thursday and Friday, trying to work some decent hours Friday hopefully that will work out. Please keep this circulating I want it to go around the world!!!

posted by Delores Gang 17 months ago

Thank you to all of those who have shared/kept us in your thoughts/donated. I'm at a loss of words for the outpouring of love and support from you all.

posted by Angel Sunshine 17 months ago

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Stacy Ling

4 days ago


Happy Easter to you both!



michelle winchester

27 days ago


hugs to you Delores x0



Faith Chavez

1 month ago


Delores here is 100 Quarters, wish I could give you 39,900 more but every quarter counts. Stay Strong.



Richard Weisbrod

1 month ago



dean ling

1 month ago


Wishing you God's Blessing



Kyleigh Maxwell

3 months ago


Angel is so strong and so inspiring! What a wonderful mother you are Delores. Nothing but positive thoughts to you guys!



Amanda Hatch

3 months ago


I am donating in the memory of John J Potter, a WWII veteran who I originally donated to through Go Fund Me to help him stay in his house. "Grandpa" Potter passed away a few days ago. In lieu of flowers, Grandpa asked that we donate to someone else in need in his honor. I have decided to donate to your daughter because I too have an AVM located on the surface of my brain. Fortunately, my AVM is operable through embolization and possibly radiation. I also have focal seizures and memory problems. My journey has just started, and I was touched by your daughter's courage in facing this horrible condition. I don't have much money, but I offer you what I can give. Good luck and God Bless.




3 months ago



Dean Ling

4 months ago


Happy Birthday & I wish you well.



stephen terhune

5 months ago


I deserve a new TV. And you do too. :)


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