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The Siko family's home was hit yesterday by acres of water that suddenly came crashing down the hill from a broken beaver dam. The damage is still being assessed, but since the family di... more


Updated posted by Stephanie Pickering Larson 16 months ago

In Beaver Dam Breach News (from Suzanne): I'm taking a, hopefully, short leave-of-absence from work to take care of necessary paperwork and to come up with some resolution for our housing. I was back to work for a short time, but there was a lot going on, and it was difficult for me to manage it all. We are now in an ongoing process with the stream where we monitor and dig out as necessary to protect our house. The county is doing the same for the road and their culvert. In other local beaver dam breaks, this process goes on for 3-5 years until the land heals (vegetation grows back, loose material processes through the ravine). It's quite a science lesson on the power of water! With much gratitude from us, Stephanie and Greg continue to put up with our motley crew in their home! :) Bob is back to work, but taking time off, as necessary, to manage groundwork, etc. I expect our house will continue to have a yellow notice throughout our rainy season, which warns of the stream danger, and means it is not safe for us to have our young family living there. I am thankful for ALL the ways our community continues to pour out its love on us. Never in my life have I experienced so many tears of joy - every day! - for the provision and goodness that is being poured out on us from others. "It is in the shelter of each other that the people live." -Irish Proverb. Heartfelt thanks. :) ♥


Updated posted by Stephanie Pickering Larson 17 months ago

Update from Suzanne: What started out as an emergency (2 weeks ago) that seemed manageable and fixable has turned into a much bigger emergency. The rain has continued to send water and debris from above the property, flooding various areas and involving the county and state. Turn into King 5 @ 5pm tonight to see the latest development. More details to be posted soon.


Updated posted by Stephanie Pickering Larson 17 months ago

UPDATE from Suzanne: Thank you to all who helped us continue the dig out last weekend. That got the sand and muck out from under the deck/porch, out of the garage, and away from the edges of the garage and house. The dump trucks took so much sand out last week, I was amazed at how much was still in all the nooks and crannies! We also found the layer of grass that was our yard. It is still a foot or so below the sand layer. Bob has stayed in the house from the beginning to keep the wood fire going as our furnace system under the house (not the furnace itself) was wiped out. The inside of the house continues to dry. We don't have water to the house yet since part of the line to our well was dug up by heavy machinery during the clean up. Thanks to Bob's parents, Bob and Kathy, for buying us a new washer and dryer. Because of your generous donations, we have been able to purchase as we go the needed supplies for the laundry, bath and exterior. We are also going to reimburse diesel costs to all the companies that ran their excavators and trucks all last week. There is so much more to update on, and I will try to do it when I can as I am back to work full time and raising four busy boys. You are all the BEST! Blessings to you, Suzanne

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Created by Stephanie Pickering Larson on November 6, 2012

The Siko family's home was hit yesterday by acres of water that suddenly came crashing down the hill from a broken beaver dam. The damage is still being assessed, but since the family did not have flood insurance, we are setting up a site for donations. Many of you have asked how you can help, and this is one way. 100% will go to the cleaning and rebuilding of their home and yard, and the smallest of donations is much appreciated.

Bob estimated today that it will cost approximately $45,000 to fix the house, haul out materials, and fix the grounds. Thanks to all who have already helped in so many ways!


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Metcalf Chiropractic Health Center is taking donations to help the Siko family. If you want to leave a donation locally, our address is 15315 1st Ave NE, Duvall, WA 98019. Thank You!

posted by Jeffrey Metcalf 17 months ago

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Dear Suzanne and Bob, we just heard about the damage to your home. What a terrible thing... your home is your refuge! Wish we could help more, but want you to know we are thinking of you and hope that you will soon have things fixed. Much love and prayer, Auntie Diane and Uncle Peter




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Donation from Nicole Ji & Windermere Woodinville.



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