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My name is David Gaydos, and I've created this page on behalf of my wife Paula Barry. We married in 1993, and our two young sons and I can't imagine our lives without her. Paula was d... more


Updated posted by David Gaydos 9 months ago

Most money raised has been outside of this site. Thanks to all who've donated here, by mail, via PayPal, etc.!


Updated posted by David Gaydos 9 months ago

You all know that Paula, 54 and mother of Gabriel (15) and Aiden (9), was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in November of 2011, and that conventional treatments offered her little hope, due to the advanced stage of the disease. Though she's been faithfully doing the Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez (NYC) cancer program since the end of January, it could be that she started that rigorous program too late. We just don't know yet. On her latest PET-CT scan from early July the cancer is now visible in her sternum and t9 vertebrae. Her pain is sometimes overwhelming and necessitates pain killers.

Her greatest wish is to be able to afford to go to the Paracelsus Klinik in Switzerland for however many weeks are necessary to effectively arrest and reverse her cancer. The clinic offers many proven therapies that are as of yet unavailable here in the U.S. The care there is extremely individualized and intensive, and each patient is treated holistically using what's called biological medicine. They specialize in terminal cases and never give up on the patient. After a stay at Paracelsus, Paula could with better peace of mind continue with the Gonzalez pancreatic enzyme program here at home. By the way, a woman by the name of Joyce O'Brien, who overcame stage 4 breast cancer wrote about her stays at Paracelsus in her book "Choose to Live". The clinic's therapies were instrumental in her recovery.

In order to go to Paracelsus, Paula needs to raise quite a lot of money. At the very least a 3 week stay would cost in the neighborhood of $30,000. That does include the flights and lodging. But most likely it would be advantageous for Paula to stay longer, and of course that would cost more. It may sound outrageously expensive, but two rounds of chemo cost about the same, and are covered by insurance. A stay at Paracelsus is of course not.

Our hope, is that through the cyber-magic of this site, an enormous number of small (or large☺) contributions will quickly add up to be enough to fulfill her dream. She does have her passport ready!☺ All it takes from you is a few dollars and a modest amount of time. Even if you can only afford a dollar or two at the moment, please help. And please keep this chain reaction going by spreading the word to as many contacts as you can. A chain of love and hope☺. Paula, our boys, and I would be ever so grateful for your effort and thoughtfulness. Here are the two easiest ways to contribute toward Paula's goal:

Paula's PayPal account: (Paula's account is our email address

Or send a check to Paula Barry to 240 Stonehaven Circle, Newfield, NY 14867 (our mailbox is big☺)
Those in Europe or elsewhere without PayPal would need to use Paula's page here at We don't use this much since they take a 7.9% fee from the donations.

Thanks so much for reading to the end, and we hope you and your contacts can participate in this grand endeavor. Paula so wants to be here for Gabriel and Aiden as long as possible. And we can't imagine not having her in our lives.


David (Gaydos)


Updated posted by David Gaydos 15 months ago

Hello all, and Happy New Year!

Paula and I were in NYC last week where Paula had two long appointments with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez on Jan 8 and 10. Both went really well and we were amazed at the thoroughness and detail of Dr. Gonzalez's program, and at his dedication to his work. Paula began the program this week and we're pretty excited. Though it's quite rigorous, Paula's up to the challenge and is very motivated. It's a three-pronged approach that incorporates: 1) an individualized diet based on metabolic typing, 2) supplements and pancreatic enzymes tailored to Paula, and 3) several detoxification routines. The core of the program is the pancreatic enzymes which break down the cancer, but all components work in concert with one another in order allow the body's immune system to do its job.

The downside to all this is that at least for the initial months, the cost of the supplements and pancreatic enzymes are quite high, at around $1000 per month. We've raised enough to cover the first and second months, but could really use some help thereafter. Our hope is that we can assemble about 100 people who can donate between $5 to $10 per month for a while. Power in numbers, in other words☺. A lot of drops can indeed fill the bucket.

We'll gladly accept donations via this site, but if you'd like to avoid the 7.9% commission, you can contribute by either sending a check directly to Paula Barry, 240 Stonehaven Circle, Newfield, NY 14867, or make a paypal transfer to Paula. To do that, go to paypal, at the top, click transfer, send someone some money, and type in If it comes up, choose the personal tab rather than purchase, in order not to pay a fee.

We thank you all for the ongoing love, support, and positive energy!

David, Paula, Gabriel, and Aiden

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Created by David Gaydos on October 24, 2012

My name is David Gaydos, and I've created this page on behalf of my wife Paula Barry. We married in 1993, and our two young sons and I can't imagine our lives without her. Paula was diagnosed in November of 2011 with advanced breast cancer after several years of health issues for which conventional doctors could find no answers.

After the initial shock of the diagnosis, many tears and low moments, and deciding that chemo and radiation could offer little hope to Paula, as both procedures weaken an already compromised immune system, we took off on an alternative path which included a staggering amount of learning and networking, which is still ongoing. We concentrated our efforts on what worked for others who had found themselves in similar circumstances and communicated with them regarding their successes.

To make a long story as short as possible, one thing led to another, amazing "coincidences" happened, and Paula was able to spend three weeks at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, where she experienced and learned about the living foods program, which she brought back home with her to our upstate New York home. We immediately got started with growing the necessary live foods necessary for the Hippocrates protocol and putting into place other components of the multifaceted program.

Though Paula has made what we feel is good progress while steadfastly applying the many natural modalities we've learned about in our research, this road to detoxification and healing has been longer, bumpier, and more complex than either of us had initially imagined. But her determination is fueled by the innate sense that this is the right approach for her.

Unfortunately I was laid off from my language teaching position at Horseheads High School in June of 2012, and with my unemployment compensation we are not quite managing to make ends meet. All contributions Paula receives will be used to cover expenses for such things as:
organic produce for Paula's daily Hippocrates green juices and raw vegan meals colonic hydrotherapy and lymphatic drainage/massage digestive enzymes, chlorella, spirulina, vitamin D3 ( in the winter) and B12, probiotics, etc. ingredients for monthly liver and gallstone cleanses kidney cleanse tea mix (a la Andreas Moritz) Ejuva intestinal cleanses bulk sacks of organic seed for growing the wheatgrass, pea, and sunflower shoots required for juicing and eating while on the Hippocrates living foods protocol keeping our two sons fed with nutritious food replenishing our bank account that got hit rather hard by purchases, that in the course of our ongoing research, have proven to be highly beneficial for others in their full recoveries from cancer a possible second visit for Paula to the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL in order to accelerate her healing
We're keeping as positive an outlook as possible, and with your generosity, our spirits will be lifted even more so. Our two boys Gabe and Aiden, Paula, and I will be ever so grateful for whatever you can afford to donate. Thanks so very much!


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With love and a prayer for your health.




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Prayers for your speedy recovery Paula!



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Blessings to you and your family.




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Geht alle mal ins Moosewood in Ithaka und genießt einfach nur mal nicht selbst zu kochen, lockerlassen und über all die schönen Dinge zu plaudern, die ihr schon erlebt habt....



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Our very best to you and your family. We think about you often. Sherri, Greg, Mackenzie and Mallory


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