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     So here's the deal, Gas prices suck, global warming is killing the planet, and obesity is killing most of america. I want to work on these issues, and I want to have fun doing it. T... more


Updated posted by Sidney Fernandez 16 months ago

still working, did some design revising. the rain did let up so the frame is painted, the rear diamond is attached, got the new/correct suspension parts in, assembly work in the morning. It's all coming together. finally


Updated posted by Sidney Fernandez 16 months ago

Nearly done with the prototype


Updated posted by Sidney Fernandez 16 months ago

Actually seeing this bike come together is so surreal, its not often you see your dreams coming together

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Created by Sidney Fernandez on October 19, 2012

     So here's the deal, Gas prices suck, global warming is killing the planet, and obesity is killing most of america. I want to work on these issues, and I want to have fun doing it. The solution is the Human Powered Vehicle; which is similar to a bike, except that instead of pedaling away out in the elements while sitting on the medieval torture device that is a bike seat, you sit reclining back just like in your favorite chair, and you have a roof over your head. Think about it, your SUV runs on money and makes you fat, a Human Powered Vehicle would run on fat and save you money.

     I studied mechanical design engineering at Cal State University Northridge, and have become a skilled Tig welder while studying welding at Mt. San Antonio College. Tinkering and building has also been my hobby from the time I could crawl. What I really want to do is bring velomobiles to the united states, and beef them up a little bit for american roads. My dream is to start a small business building these amazing machines.

     Human powered vehicles have been my passion for some time now, and I have made what I feel is a solid design. The initial design utilizes some standard bicycle parts, and will accept a standard road bike gear-set. After the prototype is built and the frame run through its paces, I have plans to design and fabricate a Hydraulic drive-train that should enable much greater efficiencies than a standard gear-set, as well as all wheel drive.

     Unfortunately, I'm broke, like walking to the store to buy my ramen broke, and Tig welders are expensive. Also raw materials while cheaper than finished products, are still pretty expensive. While I am enrolled in the welding program at my school I can work on my prototype for just the price of materials (around $250), but after that I am going to need my own tig welder. This welder will be the heart of my business, and is my major expense. After my goal is met I will have the money to buy a machine, and I will start making bikes. Those who help will get a chance at getting a bike at a greatly reduced price.

     I will post some 3d renderings of the prototype design very soon and update on my progress with designing the hydraulic system. If I get the money to build a prototype I will post pics of the build process as well.
Thank you for your time
     Sidney Fernandez  

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posted by Daswa Velez 14 months ago

I've known Sid for years, and must say he's one of the smartest people I know. Give him a chance and help bring this dream to a reality. He has the skills, so help him get the resources. Good luck Sid.

posted by Marco Melloni 17 months ago

Your doing great Sid! Keep up the progress and these things will be rolling out in no time at all! -Also, you should totally call one of your models the Zomp.

posted by Matt Wood 17 months ago

Best wishes Sid.

posted by Billie Blanchard 17 months ago

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Vena Blanchard

15 months ago


offering moral and material support for a person and project I believe in



Derek Lorenz

17 months ago


Once I get more time on my hands, I'm definitely willing to contribute in more ways than just fiscally. I can't wait to see the first bike!



Augie & Bobbe Fernandez

17 months ago


Best of luck Sidney. We are proud of you. We could use these in Hawaii too.



Chelsie Dever

17 months ago




17 months ago (Offline Donation)




17 months ago (Offline Donation)



Patricia Pava

17 months ago


Hi Sid, Your idea is brilliantly! Keep doing what you are doing! Good Luck, Hon! Pat



Laura McNabb

17 months ago


i found a gift card i hadn't used all of every little bit counts right



Mailani Fernandez

17 months ago




17 months ago


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