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Border Patrol Agent Nick Ivie was one of the nicest men you could have ever hoped to meet. I was privileged to know him as a classmate at the academy (733) and as a coworker at the Naco... more


Updated posted by Billy Sanders 15 months ago

I've updated the website to reflect that we're accepting contributions for the Ivie girls. Thanks for your generosity.


Created by Billy Sanders on October 2, 2012

Border Patrol Agent Nick Ivie was one of the nicest men you could have ever hoped to meet.  I was privileged to know him as a classmate at the academy (733) and as a coworker at the Naco Border Patrol Station (Recently renamed for another fallen Naco Agent, Brian Terry)  Everyone who knew him described him as quiet and kind.  Many remember him frequently wearing a sly grin.  When they learned of his death many of his neighbors asked, "Was he the man who was always playing with those two little girls?"

He left behind a wife and two young daughters.  One of his three brother continues to serve at the Naco Border Patrol Station.  I would like to help provide continued assistance his widow for their children's education or whatever purpose she deems fit to best serve the memory of this honest, hard-working Border Patrol Agent.

In the two years that I knew and worked with Ivie I never so much as heard him say a harsh word about another person.  He was a good man with unquestionable integrity and strong work ethic who will be remembered well.  It is unimaginable to me that a more compassionate Agent ever worked the rough stretch of 'the line' he helped patrol. 

It is an honor to say that I swore my oath to defend the Constitution alongside him and some other fine agents on January 3rd, 2008.  To the best of my knowledge Nicholas Ivie kept his oath and his behavior was beyond reproach for his nearly 5 years in service to his country.  He performed his final patrol and paid the ultimate price on October 2nd, 2012.  While responding to possible narcotics smuggling activity he was killed by gunfire.  An unusually short investigation suggested that it was 'friendly fire'.


I realize many of you have no idea who I am and/or may not be comfortable giving a donation over the internet.  In this case you can make a contribution by mail or in-person to the Nicholas Ivie Memorial Fund at any Zions Bank or National Bank of Arizona branch.  Here is the contact information for one of the two National Bank of Arizona branches in Sierra Vista, Arizona, where the Ivie family currently resides.


Nicholas Ivie Memorial Fund

National Bank of Arizona

1160 East Fry Boulevard
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

(520) 439-5469

Please know that 100% of the money I receive will go to the Nicholas Ivie Memorial Fund.  That fund was setup by a Bishop of Mrs. Ivie's church and the proceeds will be used to help her and her two young daughters.  If you are unsure about giving donations over the internet feel confident in mailing a check to the address above and addressing it to the Nicholas Ivie Memorial Fund.

As for the donations that I continue to receive through this website.  Any member of Border Patrol academy class 733 or immediate member of the Ivie family will be granted access to this account upon request.  If you have any concerns or need verification before you are comfortable making a donation please contact me and I'll respond as soon as possible or mail your checks directly to the address above.


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For anyone who did not know Nick then what the agent above has said is so true- I went to high school with Nick and he was the nicest person anyone could imagine meeting! Everyday in the classes we had together he would greet you with his infamous smile that was contagious- he never once said one mean thing about anyone- EVER! At his funeral (I was lucky enough to attend) then I was able to give his mom a picture of Nick that for some reason I had held onto for 12 years- I always wondered why I kept this picture and now I know why- it was something his family had never laid eyes upon and I hope they enjoyed it, I cried so hard at his funeral but if his family is anything like him they will get through this and will be ok - We all miss you Nick- you are a great guy!

posted by Lacees Page 17 months ago

I appreciate the sacrifice all our agents make to protect our borders and our freedoms. Agent Ivie made the ultimate sacrifice and I will donate to his family to show my appreciation.

posted by Ann Green 18 months ago

I am the Mother-in-Law to a Border Agent and this too hit very close to home for me and made the reality as to how dangerous this job can be. My deepest sympathies go out to Mrs. Ivie, her children, Agent Ivie's parents, family and friends. Be strong Mrs. Ivie and know that your BP family is there for you. Respectfully,

posted by Linda Funke 18 months ago

My husband and I live in Sierra vista. He is an agent at Douglas and it hit to close to home. I'm so sorry for your family, wife and kids. Please don't realize how much BP agents do and risking their lives everyday. I pray for your family Nick and god rest your soul. You are a hero and the BP family stands beside you.

posted by Alyse Williams 18 months ago

Words cannot describe how I feel from the recent event and I am overwhelmed at the support being provided to the Ivie family. May the Lord not only bless them, but also those who have taken time to care for their fellow man and help.

posted by Charles Roettger 18 months ago

A true soldier he is. Lost his life protecting our country. Thank you Mr. Ivie for your service, you will not be forgotten.

posted by Bethany Osuna 18 months ago

"Policeman's Prayer" When I start my tour of duty God, Wherever crime may be, as I walk the darkened streets alone, Let me be close to thee. Please give me understanding with both the young and old. Let me listen with attention until their story's told. Let me never make a judgment in a rash or callous way, ...but let me hold my patience let each man have his say. Lord if some dark and dreary night, I must give my life, Lord, with your everlasting love protect my children and my wife. (Author Unknown) "See More R.I.P AGENT IVIE

posted by Jennifer Beck 18 months ago

My son is an Agent at the Nogales station and my heart breaks for the Ivie family, I also know that our God is the God of comfort and our prayers are with you. As a family members of a Border Patrol Agent we know what we are signing up for when our loved ones sign on, though this makes the pain no less only the Lords comfort and time will do that, and like Keith giving "is" the very least we can do...

posted by Jc Romero 18 months ago

Let's make this go completely viral... EVERYONE post this to Facebook, share it on your friends Facebook pages, tweet it, post it in pro law enforcement dboards, email it to friends and encourage everyone to do the same. Let's turn this into a money bomb for the Ivie family and see if we can get to 100k before the end of next week! It's the very least we all can do

posted by Keith Gill 18 months ago

Our prayers are with Nick Ivie's family. He is a National Hero who died defending our Nation from drug cartels who are swarming our borders. We will not forget your sacrifice on our behalf. THANK YOU!

posted by BettyJo Colbert 18 months ago

Thank you, Nick Ivie!! You are a wonderful Patriot who died defending this great Nation from those threatening it! Your contribution is remarkable and will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!! GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL. MAY YOU REST IN PEACE.....

posted by Sue Currie 18 months ago

Thank You for your service to the United States of America.. You will not be forgotten !!!

posted by Ruthie Hendrycks 18 months ago

All of America mourns the loss of Nick Ivie. He died defending America and is a hero. He gave his life protecting this nation from illegal border crossers and drug cartel members. God bless him and his family - may he rest in peace.

posted by Robin Hvidston 18 months ago

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Rose Green

16 months ago


Nick was such a good and kind officer. And he was kind and professional not only with his fellow agents but with his horses and all those he met. And anytime he talked about his girls and wife he would beam and smile from ear to ear. It was my Pleasure and priviledge to have known and worked with him. May God Bless his family and keep them safe always. Rose




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Paco Cantu

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Amanda Venuti

17 months ago


Praying for the family and for the safety of our Agents..




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