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After finding love on YouTube, we're engaged and trying to raise money for our perfect wedding! Help us and come watch our amazing story! more


Updated posted by Jesse Hermanson 8 months ago

Thanks guys for all the wedding gifts! We love you guys!


Updated posted by Jesse Hermanson 13 months ago

Anything helps! Thank you all so much for all of your support and your help!! We promise, the art and the personal videos being made for those contributing will be epic!


Updated posted by Jesse Hermanson 17 months ago

HEY GUYS!! It's getting closer to the new year and I am praying I have enough to go to Scotland so that I have the ability to kiss my kin on the new year! Every penny counts! ART IS BEING MADE FOR YOU GUYS! If you donate you won't regret the gift in return!!! Thanks for all you do!!


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Created by Jesse Hermanson on October 1, 2012

After finding love on YouTube, we're engaged and trying to raise money for our perfect wedding! Help us and come watch our amazing story!

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We have had some amazing people willing to make a contribution to our wedding. This site was made for people to help in any way towards people's personal stories, and you all have helped us to do that significantly. We owe some of you art and videos! Once we hit the first $1000, we start! MAD love to you all!

posted by Jesse Hermanson 12 months ago

We can't thank you guys enough for your help!! We've raised almost $400 now, and that couldn't make us more grateful for our loyal friends and viewers! Hope you guys had a great St. Patty's Day!

posted by Jesse Hermanson 13 months ago

all the recent help has been much apprecitaed.. all of you will be thanked individually once we hit our goal!!

posted by Jesse Hermanson 13 months ago

9 months away is the big day! So excited.. fiance' visa is the next step. Have to pay 2000 for Kane to apply for citizenship. Within 8 months he'll be approved in which time he'll have to be in America and marry me within 3 weeks of being approved or he has to re-submit. There are three ways of getting into the USA.. 1) A fiance' visa.. 2) A work visa, or 3) for all you rich motherfuckers.. you can pay the government $200,000 as an "investor" and gain immediate access. Who says romance is dead? Kane and my birthday are January 22nd and then January 31st. He'll be 26, I'll be 28. Oh how time flies. Any help is much appreciated, bday presents welcome! :P

posted by Jesse Hermanson 15 months ago

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Erin Rorex

6 months ago


Congrats you two!! Much Love!! -Rob&E



Melanie Celis

8 months ago


The best of wishes to a lovely union!




9 months ago


AbsyntheDee says I FREAKIN LOVE YOU GUYS MAN! One step closer! Keep ur eue on the prize and ur chins up! I met the love of my life on Palringo. He's from England, I'm from Minnesota. U guys give me hope! Stay strong! Xxxx



Ashton Muffley

12 months ago


I love your Etsy shop and your guys story! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness :)



Laura Poole

13 months ago


I know it's not much but I hope it helps. Al the best to the both of you. You guys are so awesome :) <3



Krystle Rogers

13 months ago


I couldnt do much but i wanted to do something! you know i love the shit outta you 2! xoxoxo <3



Jennie O'Connor

13 months ago


Here's to Happily Ever After! <3



Kari Roads

13 months ago


Can't afford much but I wanted to help in some small way!



Marc van der Meijden

13 months ago


its time i do my part for love in this world so here is my dontation,hope youl get what youre aiming for and be happy :)




13 months ago


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