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Hi all,Nicholls and I have come to a tough decision but a necessary one.  Sedona has been bleeding from her nose the past 2 months and it's time for surgery.  She has been seen by her ve... more


Updated posted by Jennifer Mittelstaedt 18 months ago

Hi All!

Sedona is doing much better, but we are still awaiting her steroid treatment. More updates to come-but donations are no longer necessary! Thank you for your overwhelming love and support!

Jenny and Nicholls


Updated posted by Jennifer Mittelstaedt 18 months ago

Hi all!

Finally able to report more happy news with Sedona! She came out of her surgery last week and took about 3 days to recover and get her "spunk" back. I spoke to the vet today and so far 2 of the 3 tests have finished and we are waiting on the 3rd and final culture. The good news is, is that the vets have ruled out cancer! The bad news is, that she will always be on steroids which can cause cancer later in life/shorten their life.

Nicholls and I have decided this is the best alternative, as we are thrilled we will get as many great years with Sedona as possible, versus another miserable 10. Quality of life vs. Quantity.

We should have a treatment plan of medications this week from the vet which is suppose to help cure what might be "Rhinitis". She's currently on about 3 different medications and has been seemingly better so far. We had a great girls weekend and she's been all smiles. :)

Thank you again for your thoughts, donations, support and just general kindness. We feel very fortunate to have so many wonderful people in our lives!

I won't update again until a couple weeks after treatment has been determined. Stay tuned but all is looking up!

Jenny and Nicholls


Updated posted by Jennifer Mittelstaedt 19 months ago


Sedona had her Rhinscopy late last night and stayed overnight in the hospital for monitoring. She was released to us this afternoon and is sleeping comfortably with her "daddy". I think she is relieved to be back home in her own bed with Mr. Moo. :)

I had a chance to speak to the vet, and while they noted her tissue sample was not what they were hoping to find (typically found in older dogs), we will not have the results of the biopsy until Thursday at the earliest.

We are continuing to let her rest and pamper her with toys and hugs! We will send another update at the end of the week-thank you all for your continued support!


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Created by Jennifer Mittelstaedt on September 13, 2012

Hi all,

Nicholls and I have come to a tough decision but a necessary one.  Sedona has been bleeding from her nose the past 2 months and it's time for surgery.  She has been seen by her vet of 5 years, and they notified us last wek she will need Rhinoscopy surgery to remove what they believe to be a foreign object that has embedded into her nasal wall.

This surgery does not gaurentee this is not cancer, but we are hopeful this will be the last and only surgery we have to have with her.  While we do not suspect this is a tumor causing the blood, we won't know until she has the Rhinoscopy done.

It is extremely hard for us to ask for help, but we are running out of hope that it will clear up on it's own.  This year, rather than have a 30th bday party with drinks, I'm asking for any bday celebratory drinks be given in a donation for Sedona, so we can start helping her feel better.

Thank you everyone for all of your support!

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$93 to go!!! I'm throwing a party tonight if it reaches the goal before 9.30pm

posted by Charlie Hopkins 19 months ago

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Nicole & Benson

18 months ago


Sending you all lots and lots of positive vibes! Happy healing Sedona! XXOO :)



Lora Oliver

19 months ago


Sedona and her humans are in my heart. Thanks to Susie for directing me here and "Every little thing is going to be alright." Get well, sweet puppy!




19 months ago


Every little thing is gonna be alright




19 months ago


In memory of our sweet girl, Timber.




19 months ago


Feel better soon Sedona! We love you!




19 months ago


Good luck!



Susie Heller

19 months ago


We know how you love your dog as we do. Best to you! Susie Heller Susie Harris sign give away is where I saw your plea. Enter my name in that contest



Hollie Hixson (and Bosco)

19 months ago


Bosco and I hope you get better very soon Sedona! Thoughts n prayers are being sent your way! <3 you guys!



alissa turosik

19 months ago


hey yous.. in all truth our pets aren't pets at all.. they are family.. they are our kiddos.. they are our bestest of friends.. and oh so much more. i certainly loved spending time with you guys in the little time i was there. i hope this helps and most of all i hope Sedona gets better.. i'll be thinking happy thoughts for y'all. .. xoxo, alissa



Andrea Turosik

19 months ago


Alissa is my daughter and she told me how sweet Sedona is so I wanted to help you make her feel better! My best wishes to you and Sedona and i hope she feels better soon! I know how much these 4 legged pets me to us people pets. Wish you luck!


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