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UPDATE! We would like to add our TV Reality Show idea to GoFundMe. This idea to bring the Mystic Ryders to television was written by Christina Treviño over a year ago. We now feel it i... more


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We are looking for celebrity mystics!


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Tomorrow: Belvaspata live healing session on UStream or


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We are trying out a new online venue!
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Created by Christina Treviño on September 6, 2012

We would like to add our TV Reality Show idea to GoFundMe.

This idea to bring the Mystic Ryders to television was written by Christina Treviño over a year ago. We now feel it is time to pursue a production company or create a mystical team to manifest this as a reality! :)

Will you assist us in making this dream come true? We welcome and encourage celebrities who would like to be part of this project!

Here is a synopsis for "Celebrity Mystic"

“Are you a closet mystic?” “Are you keeping your mystical/spiritual experiences hidden from the public eye?”

Definition of Mystic: Someone who believes in the existence of realities beyond human comprehension.
A person who claims to attain, or believes in the possibility of attaining, insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge, as by direct communication with the divine or immediate intuition in a state of spiritual ecstasy.
Mystical: having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence.

Hosts: Christina Treviño & Trish Purcell, mystics in their own right search for celebrity and public personalities who want to share their mystical and spiritual experiences. This will be unscripted or as authentic as possible to showcase that these can and are everyday natural occurrences as we really are: spiritual beings having a human experience.

Being in the public, celebrities and public personalities may hide their beliefs, regular and daily experiences in their life for fear of being made fun of or discredited as a sane celebrity. With Christina & Trish those celebrities and public personalities who want to participate will have a spiritual forum in which to share their experiences. They can share experiences such as psychic or clair~ abilities/healing abilities/ET or Angelic encounters/spiritual channeling/prophetic dreams/past life memories/NDE-near death experience/magical or spiritual journeys they have been on or any mystical unexplainable experience.

A platform to share and know this is a real world and ultimately our real existence. We are all on a divine journey and the greater part of humanity experiences mystical occurrences every day. To express or share insights or experiences that can assist many others who feel they need or choose to hide these parts of themselves from the public eye.

Christina & Trish can share their own mystic abilities and mystical experiences that can possibly bring clarity and understanding to the celebrities own journeys. And possibly enhance or awaken their innate abilities and spiritual self, giving them the trust and confidence to not hide who they truly are from the public.

Larger Viewer Goal:
We have suppressed and hidden our mystic selves from the public view for many millenniums for the fear of humiliation or persecution. Presenting that these experiences and abilities are who we are naturally and that not living from your authentic self limits consciousness and growth as a species and planet. The hope is that the show will trigger and awaken others to their mystic self and that living your divinity is an inherent right and necessity for all life to evolve. Since celebrities and public personalities have national or world recognition, acceptance, and clout in many areas of entertainment, business, politics and religion we feel if they share their greater mystic self’s with the world this may catapult a grander awakening of humanity.

“All life will awaken when it knows its source of inspiration. “~Christina

The following is also part of us bringing the Mystic Ryders to mainstream...
We would like to expand our Holistic Healing business, Pathways of the Infinite, outside of the Temecula, California area...and take it on the road! To bring our passion of sharing the profound healing tools we use and our own intuitive abilities to others. Intuitive and Sound Healers, *Belvaspata Grand Masters - *a profound healing modality from the Angels that heals from within illuminating your perfection. We are Certified Instructors for the Yoga of Illumination, another profound and life-altering tool for a longer healthier and vibrant life. See our website for more about us and our services.

Our heart's intention is to assist those who are ready to know their greater mystic selves and live a more conscious and authentic life. We would love to travel to people, animals, locations, businesses, communities or wherever we receive a request to go! In order to do this we would require reliable transportation and greater funds sufficient to journey to different places that may require over night stays or a longer time to assist those that have requested us.

Another dream is to have an RV! A home on wheels to bring us to people in need of our services. This would reduce costs of travel and accommodations and make it a more family oriented journey when Trish has 3 kids. A home away from home! We feel and are being guided at this time to expand, introduce and share the abilities and tools we are blessed to have. People ask us at Expos are you located in town, we say no, but we could travel! :) In reality to do this we do require start up funds to get us moving around. A deposit for an RV & traveling costs. We feel that putting this out to the world those that resonate will be inspired to assist us to assist others. Any amount received is greatly appreciated and a blessing. In return we offer reward levels based on your donation. Of course if we are called to your town we would love to meet you in person too!!

Thank you for taking the time to read our "gofundme" request and for any donation you feel compelled to give us! In love, praise and gratitude. Trish & Christina

"All life will awaken and change when it knows its source of inspiration." ~


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It's awesome that you have such a desire to heal. What a great way to do it.


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