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Friends, On August 27, 2012, the lives of so many were changed in our community. What should have been a happy first day of school turned into a tragedy at Perry Hall High Schoo... more


Updated posted by Trisha Ehman Paine 19 months ago

Yay! We have reached $4000. Thank you for all of your kindness, prayers, and generosity. We are cutting the first check now to Daniel. Daniel is in good spirits and all of your messages, prayers, and well wishes have been so uplifting!


Updated posted by Trisha Ehman Paine 20 months ago

"Get Well Soon" Cards for Daniel are on sale for $10 at www.facebook.com/allthatglittersinvitations The entire $10 will be donated to Hope for Daniel, and the card will be sent to Daniel with a typed message from the donator.


Updated posted by Trisha Ehman Paine 20 months ago

I have received a few private emails regarding donations for Hope for Daniel. If you are unable to donate to the site, please feel free to mail checks made out to Daniel Borowy to Paine-Law PO Box 333 Joppa, MD 21085. We will add them to the total donation that is now over $3,000!!! You all are so incredible!

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Created by Trisha Ehman Paine on August 28, 2012



On August 27, 2012, the lives of so many were changed in our community. What should have been a happy first day of school turned into a tragedy at Perry Hall High School, especially for 17-year-old victim, Daniel Borowy. 


Daniel is my dear friend Chrissy's godson and cousin. He loves spending time with his family, especially playing with her young children, Khaya and Cecilia. Just last December, he was jumping around in the ball pit at Khaya's 5th birthday, laughing with the kids, and now he is fighting the biggest fight of his life. 


Chrissy says he has always dreamed about meeting Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, and even President Obama. In fact, he packs his suitcase every morning and tells his mom he is traveling to California to see Lady Gaga perform. Daniel has a heart of gold and big dreams. 


Daniel and his family have endured so much in his life. Yesterday, he was an innocent bystander, he was not a bully, he was not a target, he was a young man who wanted to eat lunch on the first day of school with his friends. 


Daniel is now out of surgery and is in recovery, but his full recovery is far from over. His mother and family continue to surround him; it is a trying time for all of them and your prayers have gone a long way. 


In an effort to help with Daniel's recovery, a few of Chrissy's friends are setting up this fundraising site. All the proceeds generated will go directly to Daniel Borowy's mother so she can help with the medical expenses and bills that will certainly come their way. 


Thank you so much in advance for your outpouring of love for Daniel and his family. Continue the fight so Daniel can play with Khaya again on his 6th birthday.  


All the best,

The Friends of Chrissy Kehl Ndeble

NHHS Class of 1996


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Thank you all so much for your donations kind words and prayers! This will be such a huge help to Daniels mother in the months ahead. She is a single parent who has dealt with many set backs in recent years. Right now she is living in a state of shock watching her best helper and smile maker suffer. It is all so surreal For now there is just one concern in her mind which is Daniel getting well. The doctors expect a full recovery so all the prayers are working. Two surgeries down and possibly one more to go! Thank you all!

posted by Christina Ndebele 20 months ago

I am praying for him and i hope he gets well

posted by Barbara Miller 20 months ago

As a fellow Gator from the class of 92, born, raised and still a resident of Perry Hall, children that attend both Perry Hall High and Perry Hall Middle Schools and most importantly a Mother, my heart goes out to your family and that beautiful young man, Daniel! I have a brother named Daniel and I think of him whenever I hear that Elton John song. Daniel is like a brother to us as a community. For what he has endured it has effected us all. I'd like to think that what happens to one of us takes a toll on all of us. We send many prayers to Daniel for his recovery. From what I have read of him, it is his shining personality that will keep him strong and I know he will make a full recovery. With God, all things are possible. I long to see the future pictures of that handsome smile of his. Please let him know that he has a huge support group out here now and that we want him to keep reaching for the stars. God Bless your family and most of all God Bless Daniel. xoxo Shelly (Godwin) Streett, Justin Streett and Lee Russell

posted by Shelly Godwin 20 months ago

Keeping Daniel and his family in my prayers.

posted by Denise West 20 months ago

Wow, we have exceeded our goal in less than a day! Thank you everyone for the generous donations. There is a site out there on Facebook, Lady Gaga Visit Daniel. Like it if you can, it would be great if we could get her to send Daniel a special message :) http://www.facebook.com/pages/ Lady-Gaga-Please-Visit-Daniel/ 462316777135812

posted by Trisha Ehman Paine 20 months ago

Thank you everyone for your prayers, well wishes, and donations. Chrissy is truly touched by all of your generosity. She said that Daniel is conscious and they are hopeful the breathing tubes will be removed today! He has more surgeries in his future, but is on his path to recovery thanks to the support of the community, love of his family and protection by God.

posted by Trisha Ehman Paine 20 months ago

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The Haggerty Family

19 months ago


Best wishes to a swift recovery and enjoy the rest of the year. Take care and be well.




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Perry Hall Elementary School

19 months ago


We are all behind you Daniel! With love, Perry Hall Elementary School



Candace Crew/All That Glitters Invitations

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Mariel Elam / All That Glitters Invitations

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Brandon Moffitt

19 months ago


Get well soon, and never let this break your spirits!




19 months ago


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