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Hello everyone, this page was designed to raise awareness of Josh Casten's cause, please feel free to donate, anything will help. The fundraising page is set at a goal of 20,000 and ever... more


Created by Josh Casten on August 18, 2012

Hello everyone, this page was designed to raise awareness of Josh Casten's cause, please feel free to donate, anything will help. The fundraising page is set at a goal of 20,000 and everything will go directly towards josh and his family. Josh is an extremely special guy to a lot of people and i want him to know that he is the best of the best. Josh went to the hospital August 9th to hear news that he had a pontine glioma tumor on his brain stem that is cancerous and it can't be cured. Josh has been fighting and is staying extremely positive. On August 16th josh went for surgery where they put a shunt in his skull to relieve spinal
 fluid going into his brain. He comes from a very small town called molalla that most people don't know about.. its town has its downfalls, but one thing about this town is that it is known to come together every February to raise money for a fundraiser that the high school puts together called "share the love" unfortunely for josh February is too far away. please help February to come early for josh and his family, and please share the love.  josh has a dream of meeting Rob Dyrdek, and some of his friends have designed a Facebook page trying to help that dream come true please take some time and like that Facebook page. thank you so much for you time. 


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posted by Rhonda Ruppel 7 months ago

Dear Josh, It was such a pleasure meeting you. I think about you often and I am trying to get everyone I know to donate. I pray for you everyday. God Bless you.

posted by Jamie Eby 19 months ago

donated today and will continue to do so.I am praying for you and your family.Keep your chin up josh...a positive attitude can do amazing things:)

posted by Kristin Lewis- Law 19 months ago

Pulling for you JOSH!!!!

posted by Yvonne Boeckel 19 months ago

To all of Josh's friends,I'd just like to say thanks. The support He has received over the past week and a half has been so amazing. You are all great friends and all your support and kind word are making this much easier.Once again THANKS. Grandpa Dan

posted by Dan Hidy 20 months ago

Thank you to everyone for your generosity, love. support and prayers! Joshua is an amazing young man, we are so very proud of him and amazed by his strength and positive attitude!

posted by Rhonda Jones 20 months ago

Thank you to everyone that has been so generous. We really appreciate your love and support.

posted by Leesa Williams 20 months ago

Joshua this is amazeing, your my heart and soul kid without u id be lost. Its so hard being so powerless I wish with everything I could take this from you . Your my best friend kid love yah

posted by Shalea Casten 20 months ago

445.00 in less than two days in donations alone!! You guys are amazing!!

posted by Kasi Curran 20 months ago

Every penny will be used in every way to financially help my family and me. Transportation is a big expense, I hope not all of this only goes towards the expenses of my diagnoses, but to me and my family being able to have amazing bonding time which I value so much, for seeing my family happy, keeps me happy.:)

posted by Josh Casten 20 months ago

thank you all so much for your donations! keep sending your prayers and raising awareness! love you josh!

posted by Kasi Curran 20 months ago

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17 months ago




18 months ago



Yvonne Boeckel

18 months ago


This is my Moms Gift..she is donating her birthday to you!!



Robert Moitoza

18 months ago


Keep rocking Josh!!



Kyle and GSSinc.

19 months ago



Britt Fredrickson

19 months ago



The Carpenter Family

19 months ago


love and prayers for you sweet Josh from The Carpenter Family



Teresa and Jake Weishoff

19 months ago


Praying for You, Josh!




19 months ago


God bless, you're in our prayers.




19 months ago


Never quit! There are only 3 things in life that we can control; our actions, our attitude and our effort! May GOD bless you and your family!


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