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THANK YOU! We reached our needed goal within 24 hours, due to the generosity of family, friends, and friends of friends (some of whom we don't even know!) BLESSINGS on each of you for he... more


Created by Dan Ventsias on August 13, 2012

THANK YOU! We reached our needed goal within 24 hours, due to the generosity of family, friends, and friends of friends (some of whom we don't even know!) BLESSINGS on each of you for helping, whether through donation or prayers or well wishes. THIS is how community is supposed to work - together, we make a difference!


OK, here's the story. Those who know Dan KNOW who he is. This is a man who will give you the shirt off his back if you have a need. He's hard-working, loves his friends and family, has high personal integrity, and is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get person.

Dan loves to walk. Having grown up in the Colorado Rockies and Arizona deserts, taking a walk at midnight is a peaceful, wonderful experience for him. One night some weeks back, he took a walk in the old Odenton, MD neighborhood where he grew up. He was wondering if any of the families that lived there when he was a boy were still there, and simply was strolling through the area, enjoying the night.

We live in a time where people are suspicious and frightened. Someone called the police and reported that there was a stranger lurking in the neighborhood. Without all the details (no need), Dan ended up being arrested - for taking a walk.

Since the police could not charge him with breaking and entering cars (since none were), and since they could not charge him as a Vagrant (since he lives in Odenton and has a license and a job) they charged him with being a "Vagabond and a Rogue". Seriously.

Now that you're done laughing, realize that if he is convicted he could get 3 years in jail. For taking a walk. He has hired a lawyer and goes to court in mid-September. We need to raise money to pay for this lawyer. Not only are the charges filed against Dan ridiculous and need to be dropped, but this needs to be expunged from his spotless record.

If you know Dan, you know how utterly crazy this whole thing is. If you don't know Dan, and you know the person forwarding this request, trust that THEY know what a great guy Dan is. Time for community to come together and say NO. This is unacceptable. This is a travesty and we will not stand by and let this happen. Just NO.

Dan works hard and wants to make his own way in the world. When you make a payment here for Dan's legal fund, if you want a digital print of one of his original photographs, email us at dansfund@silverbeargraphics.comĀ  and we will email you a high resolution image of one of his original nature photographs. We ask only that you donate what you decide the image is worth to you.

We will update you on the outcome of Dan's trial and this coming together of community. Thank you for making a difference!

(The silverbear graphics email is Dan's mom's business email, which is checked many times during the day, all funds will be transferred to Dan directly.)


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To each and everyone who helped my son in his time of need my sincere gratitude and love. Know that you have done a great and wonderful thing.

posted by Dave Kearney 20 months ago

This is amazing! I am so glad that the legal fees are taken care of. Next up, prayer circle or some kind of good energy generating gathering for Danny closer to his trial. What do you all think? I am so proud of you, Danny. And so happy to know that so many others love you like I do.

posted by Rhiannon Sawhney 20 months ago

Actually Kristopher, it is not so much that HE is different (although he happens to be a wonderful, responsible, really good guy) - it is that his FRIENDS are different and understand the value of community and banding together to make a difference. I imagine even more than actually donated will physically be in court for his appearance. I understand what you are saying - that there are many who are unjustly arrested that don't have a solid community to support them and help them out. I'm grateful Dan does, and I pray and work for justice for those who don't. Thanks for sharing.

posted by Maggie Robinson 20 months ago

Although I feel for him, exactly how does this make him any different than anyone in the country falsely charged for just "taking a walk". Becasue someone actually cares what happens to him since he's not a vagrant?

posted by Kristopher Coin 20 months ago

I am SO touched by the outpouring of support for my son, Dan! Granted, he is such a wonderful man, I am not surprised, but still, such a response! It shows not only who people know HIM to be, but also the hearts of the kind of people who are donating. It restores my faith in humanity to see this kind of love and support being shared. Thank you, each and every one, for your caring, your prayers, your donations and your well wishes.

posted by Maggie Robinson 20 months ago

I do not know Dan but this is just a really f***'ed situation. I'm going to help out and I hope everyone who reads this story can as well.

posted by Rebecca Hunt 20 months ago

Danny is a rare and wonderful soul; hard working, honest, and I would trust him with anything I own and everyone I love. I can give a person no higher recommendation than that!

posted by Dy Cymraes 20 months ago

I do know Dan, I know him as the guy that brought me sparkling waters even though i made 6 times the money he did, the man that helped me lift carry or finish any project I had to do, after working 8-14 hour shifts at work most of the time without me asking, I know dan as a great spirt and old soul. Anyone that has met him knows he is an amazing person that is genuinely good hearted, selfless and amazing as a human being. You rock Dan I hope you beat this and if I can help Character witness anything let me know.

posted by Kit Khaos 20 months ago

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20 months ago



Teal and Lin's mom

20 months ago



Lin and Chris

20 months ago


Good luck!




20 months ago


This is perhaps the most idiotic charge I have ever heard of. I wasn't aware that it is illegal to take a walk on public streets. He has done nothing wrong.



Kimberly Workman

20 months ago


I *know* Danny is innocent.



Anne Frates

20 months ago


Always a hard and willing worker, who helped so much at MDRF.




20 months ago




20 months ago


This is sad that the cops could have just let him go home, but has to now waste tax payer's money with an arrest AND a trial. I agree with another comment and that he should counter suite against the police for false arrest. Better to get that going at the same time as yours so that both can be brought up before the judge at the same time.




20 months ago



Dustin & Jen

20 months ago


We stand behind the fact you did not do anything with 100% confidence! There are very few people in the world we would say that about. I have faith this will all work out for you.


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